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Choosing a reception site - The location of your wedding and reception affects many details, so consider these important factors before booking a site or investing in décor. 


Guests list - prepare a preliminary guest list early, it will aid in your site selection


Atmosphere - don’t waste time looking at sites that you would never consider because your time is valuable!


Timing - visit the site at a time close to your reception time before signing on the dotted line. What looks good during the day might not at night!


Commitment - think about how much time, energy and money will go into the site to make it “your own”.


Facilities - Parking, lighting, restrooms, electrical and most of all space.


Weather - Outdoor wedding & reception, have a backup plan in place (with costs).


Distance - Wedding and reception in one location, not always possible. Be kind to your out of town guests!

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Planning the wedding of your dreams can be one of the most stressful tasks in a couple's relationship. Identifying quality vendors, remembering hundreds of details, planning a celebration within a manageable budget, and executing the plan can dampen even the strongest romance. Foster Blue & Company, Dallas Fort Worth Wedding and Event Planners, offers a comprehensive array of services that provide peace of mind to couples and their families, as well as ensuring an enchanting wedding experience.


Let Foster Blue & Company assist you in planning and executing the celebration of your dreams! We offer a variety of packages and services tailored to your bridal needs.



Full Wedding Coordination


This package is ideal for the couple who prefers to entrust their wedding planning to the experienced wedding consultant. Foster Blue & Company will assist you in selecting the ideal reception venue, recommend specific vendors to ensure your wedding day unfolds without a glitch and manage your entire event from beginning to end. This package is percentage based.



“Day of Wedding” Director


This package is designed for the couple that has already booked vendors and planned the wedding. With a professional consultant there to handle the smallest details and emergencies that may arise, you are able to relax and enjoy your wedding day with family and friends.


Foster Blue & Company will work with you to help coordinate your vendors, timelines and checklists that will keep everyone on the same page as your day unfolds. This package is flat fee based.



Consulting Services


Created for the couple who just needs help getting started, Foster Blue & Company will eliminate the frustration and challenges and get you going in the right direction. This package is designed to provide information during the preliminary planning process with charges based on an hourly fee.